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Updated: Aug 18, 2021


It's time to tell the world the truth about what happens to us and our culture.

So please help me to get the truth out there.

With this being my first blog ever I'd like to start by saying thank you for joining me.

I will jump straight into the blog and it may be confronting. Please remember though if not for this blog, this incident would never be known and would never have been dealt with.

This will be happening to other mobs and I want it stopped. This incident is illegal and I want justice, we all deserve justice. This blog will be that form of justice.

It is illegal to record someone without their consent or knowledge ........ Right.

Well, the management of my mob, told an employee to do exactly that.

To illegally record me talking and sharing my cultural knowledge WITHOUT my consent or without my knowing.


After person X refused to record me due to the legal issues, the breach of Intellectual Property Rights and a massive breach Culturally plus the immoral, and unethical issues, they were then sacked. (They did get 2 weeks’ notice).



sorry for the sarcasm.

Person X was doing so well for the mob, they brought in 1.3 million dollars over 6 grant applications, for the mob in 12 months.


In order to protect the employees identity I'm calling them, person X and the boss of person X is called person Y.

Person Y, the boss, is a consultant with the title of Director of CNRM (Cultural Natural Resource Management). Person Y Is not Aboriginal.

Person X's position was Forest Officer for my mob. They were not Aboriginal, but unlike the incident regarding illegal recordings, person X never ever recorded our knowledge in any way shape or form.

Person X was doing so well, because they were actively engaging the mob, so there was no secrecy, as person X was always transparent with the mob.

What did this do to person "Y"the boss.

They had no access to the cultural knowledge because it was not being recorded. The knowledge stayed with the mob, because of this person X was informed that the funding for their position had expired, and it was not being applied for again, so there was no job for them .

Well guess what the job is being re advertised with the current funding. So, was this a lie?

What makes this even worse is the CEO who is a member of my mob signed off on the letter of dismissal . This would mean the CEO had knowledge of this illegal activity, or at least you would think so.

So, did person "Y" make a boo boo and all should be forgiven, just move on like we have always had to do?

Or do we unite and spread this story, so the truth gets out about what happens in Aboriginal culture today.

How does spreading the story help?

Well, there are people who will search out ways and means to tell people this is wrong, and how non-Aboriginal people are breaking the law, under the banner of Aboriginality. Most importantly of all it helps give my mob and other mobs a voice where they too can be heard.

For me I want justice, I want to feel safe within my mob. I also want my mob who are my family to feel safe and secure as well, to be able to talk openly about our culture with each other and not be scared that any of us are going to be recorded.

Perhaps Victoria’s new Truth Telling Commission could bring about changes or laws to protect us.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::A little finishing note::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I’m not here to bad mouth any one. The issue is with management, like person "Y" is the fact that this type of person is hurting us and our culture by stealing our knowledge and using it for personal gain.

That's why I made up this saying

Anyone can learn Aboriginal culture

Only Aboriginal people give it life


Thank you for joining me and I hope you come back have a real deadly day.

Deadly in our lingo means real good or really really good.


In case your wondering Person X doesn’t want to take this to court because of the effect it has had on them.

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