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Blog 6


14 May 2021

"Today marks the beginning of a stronger future for Victoria, as we take the next step in an historic journey towards truth, justice and healing for Aboriginal Victorians. The Aboriginal-led Yoo-rrook Justice Commission has been established as Australia’s first truth-telling process."

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Truth Hurts

"Lying is the art of illusion"

Quote by Tandi "My Cultural Identity"

Lying is the art of "something that deceives or misleads intellectually"

"the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled "

Image, Quote and photo by Tandi at "My Cultural Identity"

So may I be so bold as to ask your opinion?

Do you think that the Aboriginal corporation I refer to in my Blogs would be classified as Lying for the sake of looking appropriate to all the "right people" except their own mob?

This is a great example of what the "Truth Telling Commision" should be looking at?

Micro management, bullying, sexism, politicising culture, manipulation, sabotage, dictatorship, controlling, censorship, and failure of duty of care, as well as conflict of interests, breaches of workplace health and safety, endangering employees lives, unethical, immoral, Intimidation, not to mention causing fear amongst the mob's worker's.

What an impressive list of deceitful actions.

Just out of curiosity don't you think these words sound like some sort of corruption or is it just me?

Notice how the words mentioned above are the complete opposite to the words mentioned in the picture below

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Let"s look at one of the words seen in the picture above "Integrity" the opposite is

Image courtesy of

I find it interesting the words used as the opposite to "Integrity".

In an Aboriginal corporation one would think that you would show integrity towards your mob not show the opposite. One would think you would show your mob the qualities mentioned in the picture above "Ethics, Respect, Honesty, and Integrity". One would also think an Aboriginal corporation would not act immorally.

Quote "adjective"

"violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics".

Here is just one example of issues within the corporation. Most of the issues I can not mention as the people are too scared of losing their job. They are concerned the corporation will know who the story is about and then they would be sacked. Of course it would be done in such a manner that no one could relate the two instances together.

Failure of duty of care, breaches of workplace health and safety,endangering employees lives.

This person was also an employee of the corporation. They had to use their own vehicle, as a promised work vehicle,(that was part of their work package) was not provided on the day.

The person had to leave the place of employment and travel on rough dirt (like logging roads) roads in a small car to their job site.

This person also had an accident and sustained injuries and their car was also written off. There was also not a first aid kit in the car. (To my understanding there was meant to be. However I'm not certain).

In this case the employee did not put the accident down as a workplace car accident due to the corporation's failure, as this person did not want to lose their job, so they hid the truth.

This person did inform their boss of the accident. Worst than the accident NO ONE showed any concern or rang to see if this worker was ok. As it turns out the worker was Not ok and was injured. I put this not reporting, down as fear, due to intimidation.

Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Example 2.

Conflict of Interest.

Now I'm not a legal person so I'm happy to stand corrected on this one, but I will base it on my Directorship training I have done personally as well as time I have spent on Boards of Directors where I was unable to participate in an event due to a declared and recorded in the minutes, conflict of interest.

My understanding of a conflict of interest is, in this instance, a board member can not be a board member and use their position to gain personal financial benefit.

Here is example 2.

Recently the corporation sent an email stating "The TLaWC Board is committed to proper process and to upholding the values of the organisation and of our Taungurung community.

We are also committed to ensuring cultural safety for every member of our organisation, and also for our staff.

Consistent with that commitment, we have determined that no Board member will in future be able to apply for any staff position in the Corporation without first resigning from the Board.

We are also pleased to announce the election of Steve Walsh as Chairperson and Loraine Padgham as Deputy Chairperson".

Don't you think words sound great until you hear the backstory or learn the truth.

I understand that the example I'm about to give is not a staff position as mentioned above. However shouldn't this include consultant work as well. A consultant is still getting financial gain from their position and what to me, makes this worse is that the person I am referring to is the Deputy Chairperson who should know better.

Perhaps it's not a legal issue maybe it's a moral issue. As I said I'm not a legal person I can only go by my teaching and time spent on a couple of boards of directors".

The issue is the Deputy Chairperson is employed as a consultant with the corporation and is doing the language program.

The language program should be a community members program and the chance to be the lead worker should be a community member who does not hold a position on the board. I've seen this in another large and very influential board dealing with water for Aboriginal people at a National level who also deal with the Federal Government.

In this position and the same in my mobs corporation jobs or incoming issues that should go out to the mob don't. For example I was offered to go with this National water mob to New Zealand and represent this water mob. I declined and asked for another Nation member to go. I believe instances like this need to be shared with the mob so everyone gets a go. In this particular instance the person who went was not on the board.

If I'm honest with you, I was disappointed I didn't go. Who wouldn't be? After all I'm only human.

A trip to New Zealand with all expenses paid, Yeh I wanted to go, but it's about doing the right thing.

Am I a goodie 2 shoes or an angel 😆 😆😆😆

No I'm neither. Although it would be nice to be able to fly like an angel.


Giff by Giffy from Wix

Legal definition of Conflict of Interest as per

Quote "Conflict of Interest"

"A term used to describe the situation in which a public official or fiduciary who, contrary to the obligation and absolute duty to act for the benefit of the public or a designated individual, exploits the relationship for personal benefit, typically pecuniary.

In certain relationships, individuals or the general public place their trust and confidence in someone to act in their best interests. When an individual has the responsibility to represent another person—whether as administrator, attorney, executor, government official, or trustee—a clash between professional obligations and personal interests arises if the individual tries to perform that duty while at the same time trying to achieve personal gain........................."

image courtesy of

Quote as per

"Key responsibilities of company directors

As a director, you are responsible for oversight of the affairs of the company. You must comply with your legal obligations as a director under the Corporations Act 2001. This is the case even if you appoint an agent to look after your company’s affairs.

As a director, you must be fully up-to-date on what your company is doing, including its financial position, question managers and staff about how the business is going and take an active part in directors’ meetings.

You must not use your position as a director of a company – or information obtained because you are or have been a director, officer, or employee of a company – to cause detriment to the company or to gain an advantage for yourself or someone else.

When you make a business decision as a company director, you must, amongst other things, ensure that you:

  • make the decision in good faith and for a proper purpose

  • do not have a material personal interest in the decision and make it in the best interests of the company

  • find out and assess how any decision will affect your company’s business performance, especially if it involves a lot of the company’s money or could have a material impact on the company's reputation

  • keep informed about your company’s financial position and performance, ensuring your company can pay its debts on time

  • get trusted professional advice when you need assistance to make an informed decision

  • make full and frank disclosure about any material personal interests you do have

There are penalties and consequences – including civil penalties, compensation proceedings and criminal charges – for directors who fail to comply with their obligations under Australian law.

All the duties and responsibilities listed on this page are the minimum obligations for directors and officers of small propriety companies".

I'm not sure if it is the same for a corporation though.

You must not use your position as a director of a company – or information obtained because you are or have been a director, officer, or employee of a company – to cause detriment to the company or to gain an advantage for yourself or someone else.

The section above should also apply to the CEO whose mother was brought out of 8 years of retirement and GIVEN a position in management. The position was not even advertised.


In the words of the former Democrat's leader Don Chipp I want to

"keep the bastards honest".

Image courtesy off google search

I can only hope that the outcome to these post's and other's to come, achieve cultural change in the corporation of my mob for the Aboriginal workers and for the mob as a whole.

This is what the "Truth Telling Commission" should be looking at.


Thank you very much for joining me and I hope you come back. Have a real deadly day. Deadly in our lingo means real good or really really good.


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Blog 4

An Example of an Aboriginal Corporation at it's finest

It's a fight for our cultural lives.


I need to give caution with this post as this post is quite confronting.

image courtesy of

These are very harsh words to use.

I'm not going to apologise for using these words. They are harsh and very directed.

"Enough is enough".

There comes a time when these words are the only words that can be used to say, what's happening is not going to keep happening.

So here are the details that explain the title.

What I'm about to tell you affects me greatly, this has impacted my mental health and my general well being. I believe an Aboriginal corporation should look after the mob and protect them. Not destroy them.

In previous posts I have brought into question the corporations "Duty of Care" to the mob.

Well I now bring into question even more legal issues.

You may remember person X in my first post "The truth about Aboriginal culture', person X held the position of Forest Officer in my mob. Person X put in a grant for Bushfire recovery. The grant was successful and brought in around a million dollars.

A part of that grant application was for research into TEK Traditional Ecological Knowledge. There were two positions offered and a male mob member got a position and I ended up with the other position (please note this was after it had been offered to other people in the mob and they turned it down. It was not handed to me on a silver platter, so to speak).

While person X was still employed they started to organise the start of TEK. Federation University was providing in kind support for the value of $20k for office space, 3 training sessions open to all mob,as well as other expenses. A big thank you to Federation Uni.

We were researching TEK. I was researching the Bush tucker and medicine as well as writing about our culture to teach our newer mob members. This would be done over 5 modules.

We had a meeting with the people that will be involved with TEK from Federation University. So everything was set up and ready to go. All that was needed was the corporation to write up a contract so the finances could be paid.

I had already logged 99 hrs, which it was actually more but I decided that those hours were appropriate, and I had put my hours into the corporation to be paid. Now while waiting to be paid I have logged even more hours.

We had a meeting with management, however person "Y" that I mentioned in my 1st blog "The truth about Aboriginal culture", was supposed to be included in the meeting, and was not available as "he did his back".

Currently it looks like that the corporation is not going to go ahead with the TEK. It looks like they are using the funding for other research projects or would rather return the money than fund us. Just saying how it looks.

Smoke and mirrors

Image source

There is no reason to use the funds for the TEK project for any other project.

You see we have new people all the time who are finding out that they are Aboriginal and belong to the mob I do. In most cases they have none or little knowledge of their culture and are seeking to learn all they can about their culture. This is why the TEK was being developed and mentioned in the funding application. Myself and another member of the mob were putting together a teaching pack so new mob could access knowledge and feel more confident in engaging in activities with the mob. Sharing Knowledge with our own. That's one of the ways we survive. Now that information is being controlled and restricted. As to why, I don't know yet, but as I have said before, I will find out.

Another instance regarding employment.

Person "Y" mentioned above and in my first blog. Well this is another instance of blatant exclusion of mob in management positions. As I see this when you put all the collective information together regarding person "Y", this could be interpreted as racism, or just plain and simply being uneducated in Aboriginal culture.

The corporation was offered along with other mobs financial support for 2 positions in the corporation by DELWP for a large sum of money. Our corporation was the only one that refused the 2 positions and said they would do 1 position with higher pay.

That probably sounds fair enough doesn't it ?

See any one can manipulate words to sound and express what they want. Just as I could be doing. The difference here is I have genuine love for my mob and genuinely want the truth to be told so I am very careful how I put my words, I am only telling the truth, and can stand before anyone and have a clear conscious. It would do me no good to lie, then I would be no different to the corporation I am writing about.

Just a reminder I am only writing about my mob"s corporation as that is the only mob I can speak for or in this case about. Based on facts, as has happened to myself or as I have been told and asked to pass on.


image courtesy of Brett Jordan at Unsplash

So here is the back story.

The 2 jobs on offer were for a "Spirit officer" and a "Land Manager".

Although I have not heard of this position of Spirit officer before now, it was one of the positions offered. I believe it is a position offered to an elder of the mob who will ensure restoring Spirit on Country.

Spiritualism is a huge part of Aboriginal culture. It is the basis of our culture. Spiritualism is intertwined in all aspects of our culture.

Without any discussion with our community members or other Aboriginal management, person "Y" as mentioned above, removed the Spirit officer position and the land manager position and made one new position, with a higher pay rate so it would then remove the need for an elder. As well as putting the position out of reach for the common community member who should have been given the opportunity to apply.

Person "Y'" is not Aboriginal and has not one clue about our Spirituality and has no right to decide to remove the opportunity for an elder to have work let alone deny our mob the chance to have a Spirit officer.

AGAIN we are removed from the corporation hierarchy and ousted.

Again we are treated like pathetic little black fella's who are dumb and incapable of higher positions within this corporation.


Why did our elders bother to fight and die for us to be included in the management of our Aboriginal corporation, because apparently it was all for nothing.

When our elders started this corporation I was there, along with their families. I was on the board and involved in the running of the corporation. Although I don't want to be involved in the corporation as they are culturally corrupt.

It's pathetic and this isn't the first time this has happened where their showing racism and not showing respect. It has also happened to myself.

I applied for a position of Community Programs manager and was refused. The comment to me was "I see you have a passion for community work and you would be better in the job of community worker that .......(name excluded for privacy)................. has or in the field" When I told people who I have worked with, they were gobsmacked because prior to the application they said "go for it, it's like this job was made for you".

Also the person from management in the corporation who said this is also not Aboriginal and came out of retirement to "help" the corporation.

Am I angry I didn't get It?, Yep bet Iam, just saying honestly.

I have the Qualifications as well as the skills required.

More to the point is, to deal with mob and programs for mob, you need to be from the mob especially for a community programs manager.

The other reason I am angry is I felt that I was being treated with racism and disrespected as an elder.

I have no intention of being on the board or in the corporation especially as it is at the moment either, just to clarify.

Cultural Dictatorship

One of the definitions of dictator by dictionary .com describes it in the following "a person who authoritatively prescribes conduct, usage, etc.:"


Describes it partly as "came to be used almost exclusively as a non-titular . term for oppressive rule. In modern usage the term "dictator" is generally used to describe a leader who holds or abuses an extraordinary amount of personal power"

I am not referring to this as a political issue.

More of the suppression of our Cultural liberties.

Here is another example of cultural dictatorship.

Tyrants or cultural dictators put people into positions that fulfill their agenda. The following information I have received by mob.

The CEO of our corporation has just put their retired (about 8 years) mother into a position in management. The position was not advertised.

Then there's the consultants being put into management positions. These are all non Aboriginal people. The higher echelon of the corporation is all non Aboriginal.

Here is an example of what these people have done as told to me by mob and witnessed by mob.

At a ceremony held with dignitaries, lunch was catered for and one of our mob went to grab something to eat and was SLAPPED on the hand by a non Aboriginal person working at the corporation. A little girl was told she could not eat until everyone else was and other mob were told they were not to eat until everyone else had. "This is physical abuse". Not to mention it is also taking us back to the days of settlement when we were treated as second class people. Culturally everyone eats at the same time but with elders first. There are other rules but they are not as commonly used by the mob.

This is all being done to us by non Aboriginal people and a few of our own mob who want to be the big boss fella's and are not respecting our own cultural lore.

SERIOULY Are we going to let this happen in today's society? Are we going to just let it be swept under the carpet so to speak because it's just blackfella's and we aren't worth the hassle.? This is illegal in Australia last I heard.



I think these 2 GIF'S say it all

Image's courtesy of GIPHY

Just so we are all on the same page, this is NOT a personal attack on anyone in this corporation.

I don't really know any of these people, so on a personal level I can't really tell you what they are like. This is purely on the corporation and cultural level.

Maybe I am just being bitchy or seem like I'm just disgruntled or maybe I'm naive, who knows, all

I can tell you with certainty is I'm doing this for the greater benefit of my mob.

There are people in my mob who are passionate about their culture and have been kicked out and banned from meeting's or from cultural events because they were verbally aggressive or abusive, BUT that's because they are trying to protect our culture, the only way they know how to. They know what's happening is wrong and something needs' to be done.

Like all of us, they have no voice.

Is this just bickering that should be sorted out by the mob or do all have a responsibility to do something, especially if there is law's being broken?.

Or am I just wrong and it's just wishful thinking to ask for help to sort these issues out?


Thank you for joining me and I hope you come back have a real deadly day.

Deadly in our lingo means real good or really really good.


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If I don't belong to another culture, do I have the right to talk on behalf of that culture?

There is one simple answer, NO.

Studying a mob as opposed to being one of the mob is different. You can show great empathy you can be so invested in that culture and adore it, but to truly understand and speak for that culture you must be that culture. To tell people (even people from that culture) about their culture and what they can and can't do is wrong. Only people from that culture know their cultural struggles and their highlights because they are that culture and have a right to speak for that culture.

People can walk away from that particular culture or study they are a part of, but we cant, we are that culture, even if we walk away it's always who we are.

The reason I'm saying this is because I've had enough of people getting credit writing about Aboriginal culture as if they are the experts. Yes they may possess a great knowledge... but... they are not our culture.

Empower us and teach our people how to write about our culture. We are the experts in our culture. Our culture is not dead or gone as it is taught.

Our culture is deep within us, we just don't share it. Why? because there are people who steal our knowledge and get rich off books or medicine or scholarly papers etc. I gave an example of this in my first blog "The truth about Aboriginal culture".

Non Aboriginal people need to stop telling us what we can and can't do in or with our culture.

Our mobs have asked for resourcing since I can remember. It's always twisted then presented as we want nothing but money.


Well, hold up........... you need money or resources to teach the mob and to write our own books and to teach other people about our culture. So I guess that means , Yes we need money.

What we don't need, is to be micromanaged and have Non Aboriginal people holding the purse strings like we are children and have them tell us what we can and can't do, or what we can and can't teach about our culture.

Gif courtesy of GIPHY

We have the right to be Empowered to be in charge of our culture.

Hell... we will make mistakes.

We need people to support us on the side lines, to guide us if we are uncertain about something and people who possess skills we don't, like publishing, how to write books, marketing etc. That's when people could step in and step up to assist not dictate to us, like saying "No that's unnecessary at the moment".

This is my rant because the non Aboriginal people and culturally uneducated people in management in my mob are dictating to us and controlling and censoring, who teaches and writes what. If it doesn't meet with their agenda and their control you are canned.


Image courtesy of GIPHY

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

If your not canned you're pushed out with no work coming your way. Management are also causing rifts within the mob. Or should I say Lateral Violence. You apply for a particular job and get it (if you're lucky enough) you will have a specific job description. Well management change it on a whim and a fancy. They will then get you working on things that are not related to your job. Here's an example, this is a totally made up job position. Community carer. We will pretend for the sake of this example that this job description is about providing care for elders in the community /mob, providing physical care. Here is an example of what management might have you doing. The Natural Resource management crew are 1 person short, so they will get you to go out and work with them for the day. Causing you to fall behind in your work.

Ok this is a bit extreme but I can't give you a real example as it would jeopardize mob's jobs.

The workers feel bad because they cant fulfill their cultural obligation or the description of their job to look after our elders. Then community get angry because that person isn't doing their job, as it is known to the community. So the worker is left feeling overwhelmed alone angry betrayed because now they look bad to mob. Then because mob are angry they talk about it and it builds resentment and then lateral violence takes hold.

It's as if management in my mob really, really don't care about the mob.

It's all about appearance and power.

The corporation has an obligation to the community/mob and a legal duty of care to the mob and neither of these are being met.


The mob rely on the corporation to protect us and help us, yet it appears they are not following their "Duty of Care" as an Aboriginal corporation.

image by GIPHY

Our mob are to scared to speak out of place because they don't want to lose their jobs or be ostracized from culture or the rest of the mob.

Cultural Duty of care.

Aboriginal Cultural Capability as defined by

As defined by the Victorian Public Sector Commision. Quote "Cultural capability is a broad term that encompasses cultural awareness, cultural safety and cultural competence. Cultural capability is not achieved after one training session or at a single end-point but represents continuous learning that builds over time.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness means being aware of, and developing sensitivity to, cultural difference and cultural diversity. It involves knowledge, attitudes and values that demonstrate an openness and respect for other people and other cultures, languages, religions, dress, communication styles and so on. For example, in some Aboriginal cultures it may be considered rude or disrespectful to make eye contact, while in others it is not.1

Cultural Safety

Cultural safety is an environment which is safe for Aboriginal people, where there is no assault, challenge or denial of their identity and experience. Cultural safety is about individuals, organisations and systems being aware of the impact of their own culture and cultural values on Aboriginal people, while creating and maintaining an environment where all people are treated in a culturally respectful manner.........................."

Quote "Cultural Competency

Cultural competency is a set of behaviours, attitudes and policies that come together to allow people to work effectively in cross-cultural situations. It is best understood as something people move towards along a continuum rather than a point in time achievement. See VACCA Building Respectful Partnerships 2010 (PDF, 1.8mb).

This diagram draws from work done by VACCA for the Aboriginal Cultural Competency Framework and Muriel Bamblett’s Keynote Speech at SNAICC 2007 National Conference in Adelaide, which in turn drew from work by Terry Cross of the National Indian Child Welfare Association (US).

image courtesy of

Cultural Capability Training

Cultural capability training is an integral part of workplace health and safety and is essential for enabling cultural safety in the workplace. Cultural capability training should be ongoing rather than just done once. There are many aspects to cultural capability training, such as: cultural awareness, cultural competency and unconscious bias.

Many Victorian Aboriginal organisations provide cultural training. Try to choose a local Aboriginal training provider who has knowledge of local Aboriginal history and culture. You should contact your local Traditional Owners or Local Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisation (ACCO) to discuss training options. Some organisations have Traditional Owner Settlement Agreements and therefore must seek training through appropriate Traditional Owners.

Questions for managers and workplaces when building cultural capability:

  • What strategies have you put in place to build cultural competency and cultural safety for your staff and the Aboriginal people working within your area/organisation?

  • Has your team completed any cultural awareness/cultural competency training?

  • Does your team celebrate significant Aboriginal cultural events?

  • Do you identify and challenge inappropriate behaviours in others and create a safe space for Aboriginal staff to report if required?

  • Do you understand what is expected of you in responding to racism, discrimination and cultural abuse?" End quote.

Looks like my mob's corporation are still at no.1

Where is our cultural safety?When our own corporation is engaging in physical abuse, provoking lateral violence, micromanagement, Cultural Dictatorship, intimidation, bullying, deception, theft and sexism just to name a few.

I've spoken to so many mob who aren't happy because of the way the corporation is running this like a non Aboriginal Organisation. The mob wont speak out through fear of being ostracized or losing their jobs.

That's why I'm writing these things, to give my mob a voice and to speak out about the truth. If this is going on in my mob then what is happening in other mobs. Where's their voice?

These blogs are not for personal gain, this isn't about me getting a job or being on the board or getting my mob to publish my bush tucker and medicine book, because I don't want anything to do with the corporation they are culturally corrupt. This is to bring cultural life back to the mob. To restore cultural balance back to the mob and to give them a voice.

Below you will find an example of a concept I have developed to support the mob, but there will be many others from the mob who have deadly (meaning really really awesome) ideas on how to support the mob.

This is my concept/dream for our mob and many of the mob have loved the concept. It is only a concept and has been provided based on some feedback given by some of the mob.


I'm developing Aboriginal education packs and a really deadly (deadly means better than awesome) *ref 01 bush tucker and medicine book (different to what's currently available) to sell and if I get a great response and make enough money, it is going into a Trust fund or something (except a small portion as my wage).

I'll use the bush tucker and medicine book money, to empower the mob.

  1. Creating youth programs to connect them into their identity through their culture. With paid mob teachers teaching.

  2. Paying other mob members to write up project ideas for the mob.

  3. Employ mob members to research relevant historical data and sciences to back our culture from scientific perspectives.

  4. Employ relevant people and mob to research and back our culture with scientific evidence to prove the benefits of our culture in current day

  5. Vendors term housing. Where the house is paid off by the weekly payments paying off the home total with no interest.

  6. Invest in a medical precinct for Aboriginal health. Run by medical professionals to teach medical students the many differences in Aboriginal health and provide Aboriginal specific and targeted health services.

  7. a. Purchase a very large property right on a major road. At the front entrance there will be shops stocking "All things Aboriginal".

b. Then there will be accommodation units for tourists to stay in.

c. Then there will be a teaching area where any Aboriginal person can come and do paid teaching and stay in the Teaching houses for free .

d. Next will be the main building where there is an eatery and huge kitchen area. This is where Aboriginal people learning to be chef's or Aboriginal people wanting to cook Aboriginal meals, can cook and it can be available for sale at the eatery.

The cook or person wanting to start this up as a business (cooking and selling

Aboriginal tucker) would be trained in all areas' of business by professional teaching


e. The food for the kitchen would be gathered from a large vegetable patch. There will

be areas' where bush medicine and bush tucker is grown and harvested as needed

allowing it to always be fresh.

f. Perhaps meat such as Kangaroo, Emu, Goanna, wombat etc would be grown on the

property for food, culture, bush tucker, medicines, cosmetics, etc.

g. There would also be an events area in the building where conferences, dinners,

receptions, weddings etc could be held.

h. There will be a sectioned off area down the back of the property where Aboriginal

people who have finished teaching and want to practice culture undisturbed and in

private can do so. That's including their families.

i. There will also be course certificates, for example


responsible serving of alcohol,

business management,

farm management

safety cards



workplace training and assessment

as well as many others.

That's what I want to do, that's my dream.

Mob empowering Mob.

This is how it should be done.

That's it for this blog. Please join me in my other blogs to find out more about "The truth about Aboriginal culture".

*ref 01 refers to the bush tucker and medicine book:

my corporation are not supporting me with this and have currently cut me out of anything to do with bush tucker and medicine. They formed a group for bush tucker and medicine and did not ask me to be a part of it even after I enquired about it.

So i'm doing the book totally independently but with the support and backing of mob. Those who know about it at least, as i have no way to get this out to the broader mob.


Thank you for joining me and I hope you come back have a real deadly day.

Deadly in our lingo means real good or really really good.


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