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img of me tilly nono uncle chris and aun
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left :Myself, my daughter Talitha with my beautiful grandson.

Right myself wearing the possum skin cloak my father wore at the opening ceremony of the 2006 Victorian Commonwealth games.

This was worn by myself for an official flag raising ceremony attended by the Honorable Martin Pakula.

My name is Tandi.

I am a very passionate Aboriginal woman who want's to take the readers on a journey about the good the bad and yes the ugly as well, of Aboriginal culture.

With the hope of helping the readers to see Aboriginal culture from the Aboriginal perspective. 

As well as educating people about our culture from an Aboriginals perspective.

I hope to share knowledge on things I have learned with the intention of unity from a truthful perspective.

Thank you


"When we keep looking back at our past pain, we become frozen, never being able to look forward to the future".

QuoteBy Tandy Annuscheit

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