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Welcome to my
Sharing the truth about Aboriginal culture today


Meaning Welcome in Kulin Aboriginal Language 


Welcome to my blog CULTURAL IDENTITY.

Come with me as we share a journey through Aboriginal culture. Where we will learn about Aboriginal culture including the good the bad and the ugly . 

As a very proud Aboriginal person I will share with you my journey and how our culture plays out today. Helping to dispel many of the media myths and stereotypes built up around Aboriginal culture and Aboriginal people.

You will be taken through the many struggles I have faced along the way and how I have got to be the strong and proud Aboriginal woman I am today. These struggles can only be told by me as I have lived them.

Along the way you can learn Aboriginal culture written from an Aboriginal perspective. 

I thank you for taking the time to be here with me as we start this journey.


*I can also only speak about my mob and not other mob's as it is Culturally inappropriate.

Flag of Australian Aboriginal close up p


GIVE IT LIFE"  Quote by Tandy Annuscheit

The opinions in this blog are soley the opinions of the blogger and in no way represent the views or opinions of Aboriginal people in Australia or the mob the blogger belongs to.

Background art work by Talitha Annuscheit         image of the Aboriginal flag courtesy of Shutter stock image

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